Prescription Eyewear

New advancements in lens options also add to your comfort. New lighter, thinner plastics, scratch resistance, anti-glare coats, UV protection, photochromics, tints and more, will make your glasses attractive, functional and sturdy. Also, progressive lenses have improved significantly with advanced designs. Whether it’s scratch resistance for glasses that come on and off often, or anti-glare coating for ongoing comfort from hours at a computer screen or under fluorescent lights, we have a local, Fort Smith, lab that can custom craft your eyeglasses to suit your needs.

Finding the perfect style and fit can help you put your best face forward, whatever your personal needs, and we carry over 30 designer framelines and hundreds of frames to offer you the perfect choice. Whether it’s a professional look for business or something sassy for the weekend, you’ll find it here. We also offer a wide selection of children’s eyewear.

We have it all at Advanced Family Eye Care. Come and browse at our eyewear boutiques and see our frame fitting specialists to help spice up your style or finally find that comfortable, lightweight frame you have been looking for.

Dr. Micah Thomason is a specialist in using the most advanced contact lens technologies to fit the visual needs of each individual. New technologies allow longer wear times, more comfort throughout the day, and better breathability for the cornea. From daily wear to disposable lenses, Eyecare’s optometrists will take the time to explain the advantages of all options. Once you’ve made your selection, your contact lenses will be expertly fitted to make sure they are comfortable and perform properly. We fit your cornea using the top advances in contact lens technology, with lenses available from all of the top contact lens companies.